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General Questions



Anything you want to know we can answer for you quickly and simply. Your order is unique, so any questions you have, we will be glad to discuss with you. From start to finish we customize your order to fit your needs.

Q: What separates you from other companies that offer your same services?


To start, most companies don’t offer the full garment imprinting services we do: Screen Printing, Embroidery, Art & Design, Heat Transfers, Vinyl Printing and T-Printing. On top of that, we pride ourselves on our aggressive nature to meet our customer's satisfaction with outstanding programs like our Online Spirit Sites & Retail Store - SHOP/95, Order Form Programs, Sampling Programs and our Fund Raising opportunities. We never fall behind in printing and production technology, which makes ordering, buying, and production so much more efficient and cost effective!

Q: Can I get a sample of my garments and design?


We do have a Blank Garment Sampling Program, which is complimented by our free paper Order Forms. You can always receive a free copy of your art work. Refer to our Art Work Ownership policies further down on this web page.

Q: I heard you offer Order Forms for teams, clubs and organizations?


Yes, we have an Order Form Program that encompasses 3 different options: Our General Order Form is a free Word document that you can customize yourself - 2 differently designed DYI Forms (they can be found on this site under the Order Form tab). Our Standard Order Form is also free, it’s designed by us and allows you to offer up to 6 items. Lastly, we offer our Combo Order Form, which is geared for our schools and clubs sport teams which offers special pricing for combo purchasing. You may want to also consider one of our e-commerce stores customize to your products, see details below. All Order Forms and web stores can be FundRaising opportunities.

Q: Can I change my order or add-on some more garments after I placed my initial order?


Our business is on a computerized Scheduling System, which means any changes or add-ons will effect your delivery date. We can’t guarantee that the garments you want can be added, but we will try tour best to accommodate your needs. Additional fees may apply.

Q: Can I cancel my order?


Canceling all or part of your order may be possible, but you will be responsible for any costs prior to cancellation.

Q: How do you handle exchanges and returns?


The nature of our business is totally custom. What your order is exactly what we custom imprint and give to you. Due to the individualness and that all orders are custom designed, there are no returns or exchanges. To assist you with your sizing questions we do offer on-line sizing charts for your reference and many times your garments are available in our Display Room or through our Sampling Program. Please make sure you know the sizing and item descriptions you are buying because there are no exchanges or refunds.

Q: May I have a catalog?


Yes, all our vendor catalogs are now available online.  One of our Customer Service Representatives will be glad to assist you to find the right catalog for your needs.

Q: Can you help us with our Fund Raising event?


We will help you design & coordinate your apparel needs for your event & set-up your pricing to contribute to your cause.

Q: I have a community event coming up can you help me with this?


Absolutely! That’s what we do. Stop in our Display Room where one of our Customer Service Reps. can assist you.

Q: Do you offer e-commerce stores development and processing?


Our newest business enhancement has been our creation of online stores for our customers. From schools to organizations to clubs to businesses we can development, process, manufacture and promote an e-commerce store for your needs. These stores can be a fund raising effort or just a easy way to offer your custom garments to your consumer. View our landing pad for our current stores at


Q: You offer a lot of services, are they all done by you?


Yes, every part of your job is totally imprinted at our company owned facility. Our Operation Manager evaluates every step of the process to insure our quality control standards are met.

Q: Can we get brand name items?


We can get you almost any name brand product, from Nike to Adidas to Gildan and Canvas, we only sell name brand apparel, we do not purchase any "off the rack" specials, close outs or discontinued items.

Q: Do you only imprint garments?


Yes, for the most part we are strictly garment printers. However, we do carry and imprint an extensive line of bags, blankets, aprons, scarves, towels, hats and many other items.

Q: What help can you offer me as I search for the garments I want?


You can visit our Display Room to view our many garment options available to you. Also, on this web site we offer Catalog viewing and Sizing Charts to help you with your decision making. Our Customer Service Rep. are always ready to assist you!

Q: Can you personalize my garments?


We have a couple options available to you. We offer embroidery personalization or if you need your name and/or number on an athletic shirt we can heat transfer them in a multitude of colors, text and styles. Try our MannExpress Program for a FAST  SIMPLE  EASY way to get personalized uniforms.

Q: Explain the new fabric Dri-Fit and do you carry garments made of this material?


Moisture performance materials allow you to keep active in any climate conditions because the materials are proven to absorb and evaporate more moisture than cotton. They also prevent the increase of bacteria and keeps clothes odor free. These quick drying, breathable fabrics are long lasting and easy to care for, many garments now are snag resistant. Most major brands have Dri-Fit garments and we offer them to you, from athletic fitting apparel to golf fashion polos, we have what you want.

Art Work

Q: Can you get me started, I don’t know what design I want?


We will have you work with our Customer Service Reps. to get your basic ideas. Our Graphic Design Team will then take over and develop some art proofs at NO CHARGE for you to review and modify. Our in-house Graphic Design Team is in place to help you get the final look you want. You might want to first check out our "Design Art Templates" available on this site. All these templates can be customize to your text, colors & graphics.

Q: Is there a charge for art design?


Art Work is divided into 4 areas: customize our Art Templates - NO CHARGE; your own art design - NO CHARGE; clip-art designs - NO CHARGE; and special custom designs that our graphic designers need to enhance or create $32/hour fee. Our Art Department can tell you if art fees will apply.

Q: Who has ownership rights to the design I use?


Except for copyrighted designs submitted by you, all designs are the property of The J.C. Manny Co., LLC. The J.C. Manny Co. reserves the right to use this artwork for future illustrations, promotions, art, editorial, advertising, trade or any other lawful purpose. Upon request, we will allow you to use our created art work for your promotion purposes. An embroidery digitized file that we have created for you, also, is considered property of The J.C. Manny Co. However, if you have paid us to digitize a design for you, then that file will be given to you, at no further charge. This file can then be used on about 90% of all commercial embroidery machines.

Q: Do I get to approve my final design, how do I know what size the design will be and what if I need PMS colors?


No job goes to production without the customer’s final art approval. Art proofs will be emailed to you by our Art Department. Your imprint size is determined by the garment and sizes selected. You can view our imprint sizing chart in our Imprint Sizing Section of this web site. We can match any PMS color for a $25.00 fee.


Q: How are your shirts priced?


Screen printed garments are priced by the color of garment, number of colors to be imprinted, quantity of goods to be imprinted and the number of print locations. Embroidery is priced by the size (number of stitches), quantity of goods and the number of locations. Color choices and number of colors are not important pricing concerns with embroidery.

Q: How do I pay for my job?


Our payment policy is full payment on delivery of goods, except if a Purchase Order is issued. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery or Debit cards for payment.

Q: How can I reduce the cost of my order and still get what I want?


Please refer to the Quote Section on our site which discusses money saving imprint ideas. We can also help you with creative ways to do the art work which can save you money -- ask our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.

Art Work

Q: How long does it take to get my finished order?


We are on a computer scheduling program that has your garments ready in 7 to 10 business days once art work and your quote is approved. Many times it is much quicker than this depending on the time of year and complexity of your order.

Q: Can you rush my job?


Many times we can produce your job more quickly. There may be a fee associated with your request.

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