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Our goal is always to give you quality garments that are creatively designed and cost consciously imprinted, all in a timely manner.


Want to know how we process your order to insure complete customer satisfaction? Our company is totally computized, which insures every aspect of our ordering and production schedules are monitored. Our in-house Computized Scheduling System affords us the ability to keep our cost low due to our extremely low error rate and makes our on-time delivery the best in the area.


After you have selected your garments, decided on sizes and art work, and placed your order, your job is given a JOB NUMBER. Your job is then placed on our JOB BOARD in the computer for scheduling. At this time our Customer Service Representative assigns the many tasks needed to complete your job in the TASK SCREEN. Lastly, a quote of your job is e-mailed to you for your approval.


Due to the volume of orders we process yearly, we are on a DIRECT ORDERING SYSTEM with our vendors. As soon as your order is inputted into our computers, it is instantly e-mailed directly to our vendors. This assures quicker shipping times and a more accurate accounting of your order. Your garments are then delivered from our vendors to our door the next day by 11/am EST* to begin our production process.*

Some vendors delivery times vary depending on their origin point.


Every job is handled by our in-house GRAPHIC DESIGN TEAM - from concept, to proof, to production. Your job will not go into print production until you have approved your art work proof. We want you totally satisfied with your imprint image and that it meets your specifications. Only then does your job get checked off as completed in the TASK SCREEN by the Art Department Director.



When your JOB NUMBER comes up on the computer screen in the Inventory Department, it's time to individually count your order. Once counted and verified that all aspects of your order checks out with what's indicated in the computer, your job then moves to the correct Production Departments, eg; screen printing, embroidery, etc, as indicated in the AUTO SCHEDULING SYSTEM of the program.



Before the Production Departments can begin their work there are several pre-production duties that need to be performed. Our software system keeps track of your jobs's work flow. Following the TASK SCREEN in this phase of production is critical for a timely production schedule.


Our business really consist of 5 small businesses! We SCREEN PRINT, DO EMBROIDERY, HEAT TRANSFER, VINYL PRINT & T-PRINT. All these business types are custom imprinting businesses where paying attention to order details is very important. It makes us a full service garment imprinting company, which prides itself on always insuring that every job is completed correctly.


We are almost ready for you to come and pick-up your garments, but wait, we want to make sure your order is 100% correct. So your order cannot be invoiced until the Operation Manager has signed off on the job in our system. We know mistakes are sometimes made! If your order is not correct, please contact us within 72 business hours for corrections.


After everything is ordered, designed, inventoried and imprinted we're ready for you! It is our mission to make sure you are totally satisfied with your order, as well as, the experience of doing business with us. If we can ever improve our products, production or services please let us know by filling out a "Review Us" form found in the footer section of our web site.


Thank You for Your Order!

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