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Raise Money for Your Cause?

Sell Custom Imprinted Apparel

*No Up-Front Cost + Zero Risk

*You Keep The Profits


Open your own online fund raising apparel store. A "Caring Tees Store" will enable you to raise funds and/or donations for your cause. In 5 easy steps you can have your own "Caring Tees Store" up and running. There's no store set-up charge, no risk, and you don't have to collect the money, let us do the work. We even can ship your customer's items to their door steps! MyCaringTees was developed to assist you with your fundraising efforts and make the experience of selling fund raising apparel online a worthwhile venture. Now you can spend your time promoting what is near and dear to your heart and leave the details to us!


"Leaving A Lasting Imprint on the Lives of Others"

Getting Started Is Easy

Take the first step...decide to share your passion! Caring Tees Stores allows you to raise funds for your cause with no up-front charge and no risk. We want you to care about others by raising funds or just bringing awareness to your cause. All you do is decide on a design, pick your garment(s), set your purchase goal &/or deadline to purchase, spread the word of your store through social media and we do the rest!

In no time you can have your "Caring Tees Store" up and running.

Select Your Garments

Keep it simple and easy. By offering 1 to 3 items your supporters can have what they want and can buy quickly. Offering too many choices often confuses them and delays their decision making. Click on the button to select which garments you want to offer.


Increase Sales with a Great Art Design

Every great T-shirt starts with a great art design. You have several choices here:

1.] Send us your art design. Do you already have what you want? Great!

2.] Select an art deisgn from "MyCaringTees Pre-Designed Art Templates" then our Graphic Team can customized it to your specifications. Your design will be special for your cause &/+ awareness program and, of course, we will customize the art template at no charge!

3.] Don't see a Template you want, no problem, The JCMCo. offers FREE Art Proofs - let our Graphic Design Team create a design for you, give us your ideas and information and we can take it from there.

Set Your Price, Goal + Completion Date

Decide what price you would like to sell your garments to make the profit you want for your cause. Then set a goal of how many items you need to sell to make that profit (our minimum is 25 garments). Most customers set goals of 50, 75 or 100 items to sell. When you set your selling goal and know your profits per sale you can then calculate the potenital fund raising monies you will make with your Caring Store. Lastly, decide when your store will close down for us to imprint your items and ship (we need a 2 week window for production + shipping).


Tell Your Story

You will have a place on your Caring Tees Store for a 240 Word Document where you can express why this cause is so important. You will be sharing with your supports/family/friends what their purchase or donation will mean to your cause. Your story is very important and putting it into words will tell everyone why their support is so valuable to your cause. Simply write your story in a Word Doc, then attach it to our form and we will be able to cut and paste it onto your store.


Promote + Share Your Caring Store

Here is the amazing part of your Caring Tees Store! You can easily share your store with your supporters, family, friends, co-workers and/or outside customers through the social media feature within your Caring Tees Store. Not only can you share and promote buying from your store, you will also, be able to encourage others to spread the word just as easily! Reaching your sales goal will be so attainable with the social media feature on your Caring Tees Store!


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 Start Now To Leave A Lasting Imprint On The Lives Of Others

Select Your Garments

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