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When you want a professional image nothing represents your look better than an embroidered garment. Embroidery makes every item special and long lasting. We offer many products that can be embroidered and personalized for you, from jackets, polo shirts, dress shirts, hats, etc.


We begin your embroidery order by digitizing (setting-up) your logo. Our Graphic Design Team transforms your image into a software file that allows the computerized embroidery machines to sew your design's pattern. The quality of the digitizing is the key to a quality end product. All of our embroidery digitizing is done in-house by our Graphic Design Team. By investing in an in-house Digitizing Design Department, we are able to offer you lower set-up fees and the ability to handle any immediate modifications your design may need.


Our multi-head commercial embroidery machines give us the ability to embroider your garments professionally and economically. Over the years, we've developed a highly efficient system for production, which allows us to manufacture in a seamless cost effective matter, all while giving us the ability to trouble shoot protential problems. We are proud to use state-of-the-art Brother machines in our on-site embroidery facility.


We employ all the newest technologies and equipment along with skilled artisans to bring you the highest quality embroidery. Wearing your image and/or company logo is a great way to communicate your message in a professional matter. We really want to make the purchasing experience of your custom embroidery easy for you, so leave the details to us. You'll love the results.

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