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Screen Printing, ink (similar to paint) is forced through a mesh screen by using a squeegee to create a beautiful imprint. This process is the most widely-used, cost effective method for printing apparel graphics. Today, your wardrobe is not complete without an imprinted garment!


The preparation of the screen needed to print your design is an important and time consuming process. Screens need to be coated with a photo sensitive emulsion, then dried. Next, your image is "burnt" onto the screen with an ultraviolet light for several minutes, which actually makes a stencil of your design. The screen image is then washed out and after drying again, it's finally ready for the frame to be taped off for production. This process can take up to a couple of days.


The technique of screen printing can be done either manually for specialty products or automatically for large orders of garments. We are a fully equipped screen printing business that can print a wide variety of products, manually or we can print 600 shirts per hour with our automated machine. Our constant desire to keep up with technology has allowed us to offer the most cost effective way to produce your garments.



There are several factors that effect the pricing structure of screen printing. Because we are a production driven business the more garments we print at one time allows us to lower your price. Factors such as the number of imprint colors, multi location printing, color changes during production, PMS color matching, unusual print placement, etc., all increase print cost. Buying lighter colored shirts is less expensive because the mills charge more for darker colored shirts due to their expense in dyeing the garments. One of our Customer Service Representatives can help you with price saving tips and suggestions.

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